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Here’s one from a friend’s monthly blog,  He’s a retired high-school teacher, English and Literature, so I’m quite chuffed that he said nice stuff about it.

Marty Smith, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Blotter Books, 2013.

“Hell.  You know what hell fucking is.  It’s not where God doesn’t give a fuck.  It’s where He doesn’t exist and there’s nobody to give a fuck.  One good guy dies from a stupid needless accident trying to save another good guy who’s finally lost his shit because his life has been more hell than anybody should have to face.”

Spoken at the climax of this well-written novel, these words accurately and powerfully describe the climax of the book.  The novel gives us a look into the lives of those who make the live music scene in Durham and Chapel Hill and follow the complexities of their relationships.  Chuck, Billy, and Penny are my favorite characters, and the most fully drawn characters.  The author makes skillful, memorable physical descriptions of the characters when they are introduced and provides for deeper understanding of the major characters in sections called “Back Catalogue.”  The author makes interesting and appropriate use of song lyrics as section headings.



Trying to book some.  Watch this space.